Google is Threaten by SEO!!

Why I used this? Google have been noticed that some minds are working behind website to increase page rank, traffic and rank position in Google search. SEO are people who used Google rules to increase this all things without breaking rules. Google always want to give more relevant, authentic and best result to user. But due to SEO one can get irrelevant result. In short SEO is trying to fool Google Search Engine Algorithm. In short we threaten the Google algorithm. Google closed way to get first and we find too many ways. 😉

(This is the way I am thinking – its basis on my personal thinking only)



2 thoughts on “Google is Threaten by SEO!!

  1. hi sweta,
    sorry but i am not agree with your post, as per my point of view. seo is the person who help web master or web developer to understand the google guidelines and make their site more search engine friendly. some time what happen is people are not aware of some search engine rules and break the rules by mistake and they have to face penalty. so we as a seo help them to keep working on right way and get rank accordingly.

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