It`s Me!

Hi Everybody!!!

Thanks for Visiting and spending your precious time on this blog.

My Self Sweta Shah, working as Search Engine Optimizer.

Love to learn new things.

My interests are in PHYSICS, PAINTING, READING – I just created that 😉 and astrology/numerology. Want to learn all things/concepts which I feel intresting.
Want to learn the things till the end of life.

I believe the person who thinks logically and creative can learn anything just needs to put effort. Hard work should be always there in any matter. And person should have will to learn.

Thanks, If this sound boring then sorry….
I am just like this & can`t change myself…


And Y you read till the end…if its boring……???


10 thoughts on “It`s Me!

  1. a very new blog sweta??

    u made me remember the days when i was real new to blogging. It is exciting and tough to keep the pace to right?

    keep up the work and do subscribe to my RSS feeds. You would get huge amount of useful content which you will appreciate a lot!

  2. Yes prabhu for SEO wordpress blog is really good. But since some time i start loving blogspot because it allow lots of coding and you can add widgets or code from other web2.0 websites.

    You can design blogspot blog more nicely. and blogspot blog is pick up by blog search google and even i found my blog url on glue page yahoo.

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