What Is The Future Of SEO ?

All time search engine optimizers are finding way to gain link in various way. SEO people haven’t leaved any site or online media to get back links. Just think how nice the social networking media and there we also start marketing. It’s like door to door marketing in real word. If you are SEO and reading this post don’t you think we are sometime spoiling the information abused the social media & networking sites and breaking rules of content copying.112568901720.jpg

Since long SEO people are thinking what’s the future of this search engine marketing? As SEO if you see online world as a sea of websites and information. In one seconds hundreds of website are updated or added. If one information reveal in online world, thousands of imitate information start flowing in next minutes.

Content duplication is biggest problem. One sentence can be rewritten 10 differently but what about after that. We are getting millions of result on that. So duplication is the problem which we can’t solve in some extent.

If one new website launch it needs to compete with millions of website for different keywords. The competition is with service or product provider website, Blog post, articles, bookmarks and more. And off course some pages give same detail and some are meaning less.

Thanks to Google sandbox or Semantic Indexing (I am not sure with the difference with them or they are same). The WebPages which has less importance according to algorithm is send to Sand Box. The benefits of this effect to SEO people are:

  1. The competition is decreased
  2. Website owner will come to decrease sand box effect on their WebPages. (If they aware of this.)


Increased Website Traffic – Case Study

My first independently done SEO website is ippe.com. I just want to share my work experience with this website so anyone can learn something from it. SEO can be learning by sharing and reading other experience.


It’s getting on first page of Google for too many keywords. See everyone will ask me that that keywords are not have lots of query in keyword research.


First at all the site is on industrial equipment. They have no content on sub pages. The web application they used for that base has no permission to put different Meta tags to sub pages.


I see its Google analytics people used random industrial equipment words to find product. As SEO we should know which people are going to use our website. People who work in industry have less knowledge of IT. The whole list is too random.


I started promotion of website by directory submission. Before that I planned out which keywords need to target. And before that I read about Google LSI, so I think it’s really helpful for me. I take a big risk in directory submission and try to use Google LSI.


Now I will tell you what I did in promotion. Total directory submission is 700 and some other promotion which one can do in a day.


And want to know what the result is? I am getting more than 450 clicks per day.


I had stopped promotion since a week because I don’t have RSS, Sitemap, Robots.txt and articles. Don’t know how I am going to manage it. Just trying to create 3- way linking.


Now the other drawback of website, on home page they have two advertise. And the visitor of website is not able to find things easily on that website. They click advertises and leave that website. Hope that they will solve that problem.


Here are screen shots: